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Don't Shred On Me (Deluxe)


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Don't Shred On Me (Deluxe)

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Don't Shred On Me (Deluxe)

175.00 220.00

Since the Don't Shred on Me works so well for bass, we figured that we might as well perfect it with a Deluxe model adding a Clean Blend, two additional knobs to control the frequency of the distortion, and a 2nd footswitch to turn switch between the original RAT's silicon distortion clipping diodes (for a slightly more tame version of the circuit) and the red LEDs that comes standard in the base model (for more aggression and volume)

Knob controls:

Dirt: Control the volume of the effect

Clean: Control the amount of dry / pre-effect signal to blend with the effect to preserve low end

Tone: Control the frequency of the distortion

Dist: Control the overall distortion of the effect

Death: Boost or cut the lower end frequency of the Distortion

Doom: Boost or cut the higher end frequency of the Distortion

Footswitches (all of our pedals are true bypass):

Bypass: Turn the effect on and off

Destroy: Switch between the tamer silicon diodes and the more aggressive and louder LEDs in the distortion clipping circuit

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