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Hail Satan


You can buy our pedals here!

Hail Satan

sold out

Hail Satan

from 100.00

Due to the demand of the $100 sale and some parts being stolen off my front porch, around half of the orders made on New Years will go out Jan 2nd - the rest will go out within 1-2 weeks of New Years - thanks!


The pedal that started it all for us, the Hail Satan is our much more evil version of the big muff fuzz. 

NOTE - Normal has white goat background, Russian has yellow, Rams has a light purple, and Triangle has a light blue.

The original Hail Satan is similar to the "creamy dreamer" version of the muff (think Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream) but with an added Mids control and our 2nd footswitch to switch between silicon and red LED diodes in the distortion clipping part of the circuit which will light up in the goat's eyes as you play.

The Russian version of the pedal is a lot smoother and better suited for bass, similar to the Green Russian version of the big muff. 

Knob controls:

Volume: Controls the volume of the effect

Tone: Controls the tone of the effect - from low and bassy to high and harsh

Sustain: Control the amount of distortion / fuzz

Mids: Control the amount of mid range in the effect

Footswitches (all of our pedals are true bypass): 

Left: Turn the effect on and off

Right: Engage the red LED distortion clipping (which boosts the volume and aggression while lighting up the eyes in the goat)

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