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Sunnbather 2-Channel (SPECIAL ORDER)


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Sunnbather 2-Channel (SPECIAL ORDER)


Sunnbather 2-Channel (SPECIAL ORDER)




You can now bring the legendary preamp circuit of the Sunn Beta (used by the likes of Buzz Osborne, Red Fang, and numerous others) to your pedalboard. 

The Sunnbather can be used as an effects pedal OR can be sent into a power amp to be used as a dedicated preamp. No need for a large rack-mounted preamp, this will fit right on your board and can be adjusted with all of your other effects.

Whether you use the pedal as a preamp or effects pedal, you have available two channels (just like the original amp) that can be adjusted individually. You can switch between the two channels or combine both, all controllable by the convenience of a footswitch. To top it all off, there is a master clean blend knob to blend your dry signal with the effect to ensure that no low end is lost when the pedal is engaged.

The Sunnbather is also pedalboard friendly via it's 9v DC power requirement. We have a custom built double filtered power circuit that pumps the 9v to the 15v that the circuit requires without any added noise. Most effects similar to this require a separate power supply but you can use your normal pedal power or 9v DC adaptor (we recommend a supply with approx 200-300ma)

Knob controls:

The top row of knobs control the Drive (gain), Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume of Channel "A"

The bottom row of knobs control the Drive (gain), Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume of Channel "B" 

Master Volume: This controls the master volume of both channels

Blend: Blends your pre-effect signal with the effect to help prevent loss of low end.

Footswitches (all our effects are true bypass):

Bypass: Turn the effect on and off

A/B: Change between Channel "A" and Channel "B"

A+B: Combine both Channel "A" and Channel "B"

Top Jacks:

In addition to a normal "effect out" there is also a "preamp out" - use this output if you are using the pedal as a preamp into a power amp. 

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