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Sunnbather DI


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Sunnbather DI

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Sunnbather DI


The Sunnbather DI brings you a single channel version of the Sunn Beta preamp circuit of our signature Sunnbather pedal with the addition of an XLR DI output jack. The same custom built double filtered power circuit of the original pedal allows you to use a normal 9v DC power supply so you don't need to purchase a separate supply to use the pedal. 

The XLR DI output allows you to use this pedal without an amplifier straight into the PA at a venue during a live gig or in the studio along with your mic'd amplifier for a perfect blend. 

No other DI pedal out there has the preamp of the famed Sunn Beta Bass built into the pedal. In addition to the Drive (gain) and EQ controls there is a Blend knob to blend your pre-effect signal to help preserve the low end that is normally lost with overdrive effects.

All of this is packaged in a smaller enclosure than the full size Sunnbather complete with artwork by Jacob Bannon (Converge). 


Drive: Controls the amount of gain / drive / dirt

Bass: Controls the amount of bass

Mid: Controls the amount of mids

Treble: Controls the amount of treble

Volume: Controls the overall volume of effect

Blend: Controls the amount of dry / pre-effect signal blending with the effect

Footswitches (all of our pedals are true bypass):

Bypass: Turn the effect on and off

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