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Yeti Fuzz


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Yeti Fuzz

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Yeti Fuzz


Our take on the simple and classic fuzz face circuit. In true Blues Lawyer fashion we've built the circuit using carbon comp resistors, NOS electrolytics, and a giant orange drop film cap. Do they make a difference in the sound? The world may never know, but they look cool! 

In addition to the flashy parts, we've built the circuit around the hotter and more aggressive Jimi Hendrix version and have an on-board trim pot to dial in the transistor bias. We also use NOS Russian UFO Germanium transistors. 

Unlike most center-positive effects, you don't need to buy a separate power supply for this pedal - we've also built a voltage inverter circuit into the effect so you can use this with any normal center-negative power supply including your pedal power under your board. 

Housed in an acid-dipped enclosure printed with a glow in the dark green ink this is by far the most bad-ass Fuzz Face on the market!

Knob controls: 

Left: Control the volume of the pedal

Right: Control the amount of fuzz / gain of the pedal

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